I'm running for Anaheim City Council and I'd like your support.

I've grown up in Anaheim Hills and made the choice to settle my family here. It has been a wonderful community for me, and I'll work to ensure it's a wonderful community for years to come. This place we all call home is where I want to grow old, and where I hope my kids choose to settle when they start their own families. Anaheim Hills has helped provide me with a wonderful life, and I want to give back to the community so it continues to benefit all who live here. Anaheim Hills is a place I'm deeply committed to for the long-haul, and want to see it even more prosperous in the decades to come than it is today.

The past few years have been a turbulent time in Anaheim politics, and we need to return to a city government that works for all of Anaheim's residents and businesses. Over the past decade I've worked to improve our community through my service on the Community Services Board and the Planning Commission. Through these efforts I have built strong personal relationships with many members of our community and city staff. I don't always agree with everyone but I'm able to respectfully disagree, and to have people disagree with me without taking it as a personal attack. These are the qualities that have been lacking from Anaheim's elected officials — qualities I wish to bring back to City Hall.

Right now, Anaheim sits at a precipice. With the right guidance, Anaheim can become a top-rate city for more than just tourists. However, through inaction or misguided policies, the quality of life for Anaheim residents and the opportunities for our children will surely decline. To ensure that doesn't happen, we need to focus on reducing the amount of crime in Anaheim before it becomes a true detriment to our community, we need to eradicate homelessness in Anaheim and Orange County more broadly, and we need to ensure our roads and parks remain in good repair.

Please join me in helping to build a stronger Anaheim Hills that is a quality community for all of our neighbors.

With kindest regards,

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